• WeldWAITS is represented in 10 out of the 12 Weld County school districts reaching over 1600 students per year!  Our involvement varies from district to district and from school to school.  Many schools have teachers trained to use the WAIT Training curriculum while others invite WeldWAITS staff to provide presentations. 
  • Utilizing the fun and interactive WAIT Training curriculum, presenters discuss topics such as boundaries, refusal skills, STDs, self-esteem, media influence, the value of marriage and family, and the benefits of delaying sexual debut.  (See the video clip below for an example of the WAIT Training curriculum content.)
  • WeldWAITS programs range from a single presentation to detailed, multiple occasion lessons customized to meet the needs of the school or organization.
  • Community Programs we are currently involved in include:  MYAT, TANF Summer Youth Program, TOPS (Northrange Day Reporting Center), Weld County Youth Alternatives Mentors and Friends, PSI (Foster Care Program), Latino and Latina Youth Conferences, and others.
  • Call 304-6470 x 2379 to schedule a presentation for your school or organization!

Contact Us

Heidi Musil
Program Co-Coordinator & Health Education Specialist
Phone:(970) 304-6470 ext. 2379
Melanie Cyphers, RN
Program Co-Coordinator & Teen Counselor
Phone:(970) 304-6470 ext. 2423