Compatibility Checklist

Guys brains are like waffles and girls brains are like spaghetti??? What does that mean?

We know that guys and girls are wired differently and in this section you will figure out some of those differences to help you get along better with the opposite sex, whether it be in friendships or in a dating relationship.

As you prepare for a lasting relationship, ask yourself the following questions to help determine if you’re really ‘in love’.


Am I placing more value on appearance then on such lasting qualities as personality, compatibility, character and communication?

Social Life

Do we like to entertain family and friends?
Do we like the same people?
Am I proud of him / her when we are with others?


Do we have similar beliefs and a similar upbringing?
What are the similarities and differences?
Are similarities numerous enough to overcome differences?


Do we enjoy each other’s families?
Are we accepted by them?
Do they encourage our relationship?


Do we share similar interests and hobbies


Do we feel safe to be ourselves?
Do we pretend to be who we are not?


Can we be open and honest with one another?
Do we share our feelings?


Are our goals for the future similar or extremely different?
How do I see my life 5 and 10 years from now?
Does he / she have similar visions for the future?


How do we feel about having children?
What are our ideas about parenting?

Conflict Resolution

Do we quarrel frequently?
Do we handle conflict well?
Do we manage anger and express our feelings openly and freely with one another?


Dow have set ideas about money and security?
Are they similar or very different?


Can I trust him / her?
Is there jealousy in our relationship?


Have I given the relationship enough time to develop so that I’m comfortable with him / her?


How do we demonstrate our affection?
Am I comfortable with his / her display of affection?
Do I prefer a private show of affection to a public one?
Does he / she have the same or a different preference?

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