Marriage Material

The good stuff of marriage

Did you know...

Marriage helps make a person more stable and able to leave home and create a

self-sufficient, self-reliant household.

Married people live longer and generally are more emotionally and physically healthy than unmarried people.

Married people have a lower incidence of suicide.

Married people require less health care.

Married people are more likely to recover from illness.

Married people have fewer injuries and accidents.

Married people appear to have a calming influence in their lives.•

Married people have an increased level of nutrition.

Married men have a lower incidence of mental disorders.

Married people report increased satisfaction and happiness in the workplace.

Married people report fewer feelings of loneliness and boredom.

Marriage reduces risk-taking behaviors, such as drug and alcohol use.

Marriage increases the demonstration of character traits necessary for successful

living, such as sacrifice, humility, flexibility, empathy and ability to delay gratification.

Married people have prolonged access to increased intimacy.

Married people have the best and the most sex.

What I want my spouse to be like

Describe the kind of person you would like to marry and share your life with.

Fill in the blanks to better define your ideal life partner and spouse.

Personality Characteristics

Family Origin (patterns, habits, siblings, etc.)

Educational Level and Goals

Views on Religion

Political Opinions


Health Goals (attitude toward fitness and nutrition)

Attitudes About Life and Leisure

Financial Goals and Objectives

Attitudes About Having Children

Wedding of my dreams

Imagine that you had all the money you needed to plan the ultimate wedding.

What plans would you make? Using an additional piece of paper if necessary, write

your answers to the following questions:

  1. What would the wedding dress look like?
  2. What would the groom wear?
  3. Where do you want to get married?
  4. Who would do the music at the reception?
  5. What songs would be sung at the actual ceremony?
  6. What time of day would you want the wedding to take place?
  7. What time of year?
  8. Who would you like to invite to the wedding?
  9. Who is going to perform the ceremony?
  10. Who is going to be your special soloist?
  11. Where are you going to have the reception?
  12. Who would be in your wedding party?
  13. What will your vows be like?
  14. What kind of flowers?
  15. What kind of food would you serve at the reception?
  16. Do you have any special family traditions you’d like to pass on?
  17. Where are you going to go for your honeymoon?
  18. How are you going to get there?
  19. How long will your honeymoon be?
  20. How do you think your future spouse would answer these questions?