How DO You Renew?

Steps to Renew

  1. Decide and Commit
  2. Write and Tell
  3. Avoid and Enjoy

Sex Can Wait!

 Stop it and SAVE it
 Exit tempting situations
eXpress it in writing

 Call and tell a friend
eNjoy the freedoms of committing to renewed virginity

….. You are worth it!!!

Practical Boundaries

  • Only date people who value your decision to wait.
  • Date like-minded people.
  • Never be alone in the house or an isolated area.
  • Don’t date anyone more than 2 years older than you.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs.
  • Control what you see and hear.
  • Don’t watch sex and don’t listen to music about sex.
  • Set physical boundaries BEFORE getting into a dating situation.
  • Avoid early, frequent, steady dating – enjoy group dates instead.
  • Respect your curfew and be home in time.

Helpful Information