Who Waits?

Everyone is NOT doing it. In fact most teenagers are NOT having sex!!! Even though the media and society makes you believe that EVERYONE is having sex, they aren’t.


Colorado Teens – The 2005 Colorado Youth Risk Behavior Survey showed that 60.7% of the teenagers surveyed were abstinent! That means that the majority of the teenagers surveyed in Colorado have NOT engaged in sex!

Weld County – In Weld County, teen fertility rates have declined from 40.1 in 2005 to 28.9 in 2007 (2008 Colorado Health Information Dataset)


69% of boys 15-17 years of age have NOT had sexual intercourse. 70% of girls 15-17 years of age have NOT had sexual intercourse.

Nation wide MORE teenagers are abstaining from sexual intercourse, definitely the majority!


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Local Teens

“Renewing your virginity is like when you give up something for lent – the day you get to have it again will be SO worth the wait!”
- Juan Sophomore UNC