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iWait Because i want to...
Avoid a broken heart. Be respected by myself and others. Live without regrets. Develop healthy relationships. Keep my parents' trust. Live STD and pregnancy free. Pursue my dreams. Enjoy being a teenagers.


I respect myself.
I know who I am and who I am not. I like myself as I am. I understand that whatever I do, I'm going to have to take responsibility for it. I've decided not to have sex. I know I'll carry it out because I control what I do. Some kids think your're not a man or a woman if you don't have sex. Giving in and having sex is easy. I don't think it proves anything. I think being a man or a woman is when you stand up for what you believe and do things that seem right to you. Having sex now is not right for me. I've got my whole life ahead of me.


Would a guy ever turn down sex?
I did. My ex-girlfriend wanted to have sex but I refused. She kept pressuring me. I don't know whether she thought I would stay with her if she did it or what. Sometimes I thought she might even want to be pregnant. At the time, it really confused me. I liked her, but I wasn't ready to be tied down or get more involved. I guess she got what she wanted with her next boyfriend, although they're not together anymore. Last month she told me that I was the only boy she'd ever dated who respected girls and didn't try to use them. She said, "I wish I was still going out with you." I felt bad for her. She's pregnant.